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Club Info

Club History

The club emerged in 1929 from a branch of the Itzehoe Sailors’ Association (Seglervereinigung Itzehoe e.V.). For a long time, the Lichtbildfreunde Itzehoe have been members of both the German Association for Photography (DVF) and the Nordring-Fotokreis, an association of five photo clubs in Schleswig-Holstein.

Our Ideas

We would like to share our joy in our hobby with each other, to be creative together and to improve the quality of our photos by continuous, common learning. In doing so, we are always open to new topics, design principles and techniques in photography.

What are the activities?

  • Fotowalks
  • Day trips
  • Participation in competitions
  • Workshops (flash, portraits, image editing, etc.)
  • Realization of exhibitions (e.g. Wenzel-Hablik-Museum, Landgericht Itzehoe, Kulturhof Itzehoe, “Kunst und Genuss”)

Pictures of our activities can be found in our gallery.

Our club meetings

At our club meetings, which take place every two weeks, we focus on image discussions whenever possible – from image composition to image editing. Here we also exchange tips and tricks. In addition, we discuss organizational matters for the smooth running of our activities.

If you are an active photographer – or if you want to become more active in the field of photography, then get in touch with us and come along to one of our club evenings as a guest!

We welcome new faces and inspiration!


Lichtbildfreunde Itzehoe has been a member of the Deutscher Verband für Fotografie e. V. (formerly VDAV) and the associated regional association Nordmark since 1952.

German Association for Photography e. V.

The German Association for Photography (DVF) offers itself as a forum for national and international photo exhibitions, photo seminars, photo clubs, hobby photography and competition photography. It is synonymous with German amateur photography and, with its international activities, is also Germany’s ambassador in FIAP. The FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l`Art Photographique) is the international umbrella organization of the national photo associations in the context of artistic and worldwide competition and exhibition photography.

Northern Ring Photo Circle

Since 2004 the Lichtbildfreunde Itzehoe are a member of the Nordring Fotokreis. The five member clubs organize annual photo competitions among themselves.

The five member clubs are:

  • Foto-Klub Lauenburg
  • Fotofreunde Schwarzenbeck
  • Fotoklub Wilster
  • Fotokreis Pinneberg
  • Lichtbildfreunde Itzehoe