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Lichtbildfreunde Itzehoe are a traditional local association of amateur photographers with over 80 years of history. Through regularly recurring annual exhebitions in the Kunsthaus Itzehoe, today’s Wenzel-Hablik-Museum, in the past often combined with exhibitions of works by visual artists from the region, the Lichtbildfreunde Itzehoe are known beyond the district borders of Itzehoe.

The club emerged in 1929 from a branch of the sailors’ association Itzehoe e.V.. For a long time the Lichtbildfreunde Itzehoe have belonged to the German Association for Photography (DVF) and have joined the Nordring-Fotokreis. In addition to a lively exchange of experiences, an annual photo competition takes place among the clubs of the Nordring-Fotokreis on a theme to be implemented photographically.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the club contributed to illustrated books about the district of Steinburg and the city of Itzehoe. The driving force here was the unfortunately deceased honorary chairman, Heinz Oest. The members regularly participate successfully in regional and increasingly also international competitions. Independently of this, individual members exhibit works at institutions and social facilities such as retirement homes.

In 2009, after a fifteen-year break, the Nord-Ostsee-Fotomeisterschaft, a digital photo competition of the DVF, was hosted by the Stadtwerke Itzehoe. The Lichtbildfreunde Itzehoe won fourth place out of eleven DVF clubs in Schleswig-Holstein. The members meet 14-daily in sociable round. Besides club matters and competitions, the main focus is on technical questions about photography, especially digital photography, and picture discussions in preparation for exhibitions or competitions. Digital photography has completely replaced analog photography for both members, which tries to make the world behind things visible with its many possibilities of the virtual darkroom.

Who can see can also photograph is the leitmotif. And seeing, the photographic seeing of things, is always a challenge for the Lichtbildfreunde Itzehoe.